Roll Out the Guns!

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I am excited to present a sampling of the final print-and-play game pieces for Upwind: Incursion. As usual, Upwind's incomparable artist James Stowe has gone above and beyond in evoking the setting and in matching the style, palette and wonder of the Upwind RPG corebook. I've playtested a lot of Incursion over the past two years and these cards make me excited to play all over again.

When the various Upwind PDFs make it to DriveThruRPG, you will have the option to order physical, commercially printed Incursion cards. These playing card versions will make the tokens easier to handle and much more durable - that is until Arc cannon fire rips them apart!

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Natural Law

Recently ran some of the Role Playing Public Radio crew through "Natural Law" - an oldie-but-goodie Blue Planet con scenario. They nailed it all around!

Listen to the AP podcast here. Download the original scenario and maps here.

Thank You...

No one has called us out, complained or even hinted at concern over the delay in getting Upwind to its backers, but I feel obliged nonetheless to thank you all for your understanding, support and considerable patience. You have been amazing. 

At the time of his passing, Stewart was partnered with over 20 different companies and projects like Biohazard and Upwind. Though his brother Steve and partner Alan have been champions in picking up the pieces, their own jobs and lives mean there has been an inevitable production slowdown as those pieces were funneled into a much narrower bandwidth.

The core book, the Grand Amplifier campaign and the Knight’s Deck are done and waiting their turn in the production queue. No one wants the game out more than I do, and I can’t wait to get it into your hands. All I can offer is a sincere thank you and the reassurance that your patience will pay off. The game is going to be fun, unique and beautiful, and you are going to love it!

Thank you all! You have been a wonderful community, and I couldn’t be more grateful for your support!

Jeff Barber, Biohazard Games

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Grand Amplifier Art

For a sneak peak at more art from Upwind's Prophecy of the Grand Amplifier campaign sourcebook, check out our latest update. And our Backerkit is still open if you want in or want to add the Grand Amplifier to your pledge.

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Emerald City Comic Con!

Don't forget. We'll be at Emerald City Comic Con this weekend running Upwind. Short, 15 minute demos at the Indie Games Showcase in room 204 from 8-11p Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Full-length one-shots in the RPG Library from 4-8p Friday & Saturday and 11a-2p Sunday. Come join the fun!


Upwind at ECCC's Indie Game Showcase

Join Biohazard Games at Emerald City Comic Con on March 1st-4th at the Washington State Convention Center (Seattle). We have been selected to demo Upwind in the Indie Game Showcase Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights from 8-11p, and Sunday 2-5p. We will also be running full Upwind games in the afternoons in the RPG Library. If you want in on one of those, we recommend signing up in advance as seats at the table are limited. 

Knight's Deck Preview

Check out the latest Upwind update. Learn how the cards of the Knight's Deck can be used to build a giant map of the skies of Upwind!

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Upwind: Incursion Beta

While I've been waiting on the various elements of the Upwind project that are currently outside my workflow to come back around, I have been making furious headway on the Incursion stretch goal. It's been a frigate-load of work, but I am super-excited to finally be able to release the beta version into the wild for open playtesting.

Writing a roleplaying game requires lots of playtesting, but writing a tactical board game requires a whole new kind of commitment to development and iteration - iteration that in-house playtesting can only take so far. Accordingly, I am hoping there are some skyship warriors out there who are willing to play with the draft rules and token mock-ups and help identify the beta issues we have inevitably missed.

This link will take you to a Google folder containing the rules and print-and-play tokens needed to play Incursion. Give the game a try and let us know what you think. I'd be psyched to hear about any problems you encounter or suggestions you have - big or small. Please email any feedback through this site.

If you provide feedback from an actual play-through of the game I'll enshrine your name in the playtester credits and, once it becomes available, I'll send you a free copy of the pre-printed Incursion ship deck we are developing for Drivethru RPG.

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Grand Cover

We are excited to share the cover for Upwind's Grand Amplifier campaign book. Ben Sigas - our amazing GA artist - did a fantastic job inside and out! 

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Ships of the Realms

If you had any doubts that skyships and sailors were the heart of Upwind, this brilliant fleet should relieve any such concerns. Originally commissioned for the Kickstarter stretch-goal poster, it is so evocative we had to pause the final layout so we could put it into the corebook as a two-page spread. I think it was more than worth the wait.

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Biohazard Tee Shirts?

Made a couple of shirts for myself to wear at GenCon. Folks seemed to dig them so I thought I would put the designs up for general purchase. I have not yet received samples but I'm posting the link now as apparently they are automatically on sale for the first 72 hours!

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