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Welcome to Poseidon 2199


A waterworld—home to a savage ecology and awash in the mystery of an ancient alien past. 


Desperate and dying on a famine-ravaged Earth, reaches hungrily for the once-abandoned colony world and the hope of ultimate survival. 


Hidden below the ocean floor, a priceless, enigmatic ore that holds the key to human DNA and the promise of immortality. 


Transformed into a lawless frontier as mining corporations wage brutal war and colonists fight for the survival of their adopted world. 


Unfathomable and powerful, defending a primal heritage as ancient and mysterious as the planet’s darkest waters. 


A compelling journey into humanity’s precarious future on a distant planet where living is hard and dying is all too easy. 

A world where GEO marshals enforce the peace, Incorporate mercenaries pilot deadly fighter subs, and bold insurgents battle for their adopted planet.A place where corporate greed and human desperation ravage an alien ecology, threatening to plunge humanity into a war of survival with an ancient legacy. 

BLUE PLANET offers hard sci fi adventure on the ecologically wild, sociopolitically contentious frontier of Earth’s first extrasolar colony world: a distant waterworld named Poseidon. The first edition was published in 1997 by Biohazard Games, and a second edition was produced by Fantasy Flight Games in 2000. Steve Jackson Games published GURPS BLUE PLANET in 2003, and FASA Games published the revised second edition in 2012.

BLUE PLANET has received broad acclaim, particularly for it’s deep, detailed, and realistic setting; the game has remained well regarded since its original publication. However, that publication was over 20 years ago; in the

intervening decades, all versions have gone out of print and game design has evolved dramatically. Excited at the prospect of giving the game system an overdue upgrade—and the opportunity to offer BLUE PLANET to new generations of gamers—the original creators at Biohazard Games have teamed up with Gallant Knight Games to produce BLUE PLANET: RECONTACT, the third edition of the classic game. RECONTACT features a modern evolution of the second edition mechanics with fully updated technological, scientific, and sociological worldbuilding.

RECONTACT is the in-game term for the fateful day in 2165 when the UNSS Admiral Robert Perry entered orbit around Poseidon, reconnecting the colonists with Earth 69 years after they were abandoned. Since more than two decades have passed since the publication of the first edition, RECONTACT seemed a fitting subtitle for the new version of the game.

Blue Planet: Recontact (the new 3rd edition) free Quick-Start Primer