Blue Planet: Recontact Quick-Start

Even though it's PWYW, the Blue Planet: Recontact quick-start-guide is a "best-seller" on DriveThu RPG! Download it here and give the new rules a test-"dive" with the included adventure, characters and Red Sky Charters campaign archetype.

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GenCon GDW Q&A

If you are going to be at GenCon 2019 and want to participate in a Q&A about the new Recontact edition of Blue Planet, come join us at the Role Playing Public Radio Game Designer Workshop Live event (Thursday at 11a, Crowne Plaza, Haymarket A). I’ll be joining Ross and crew to discuss our latest projects and answer questions from the audience about those projects and RPG design in general. It’s always a fun, funny and interesting event, so come join in.

GoPlay NW

Biohazard Games will be at GoPlayNW the first weekend in July and will be running sessions of both Upwind and the new Blue Planet: Recontact edition. Register for the con and sign up for a game - can't wait to play with you!

Biohazard Forums

Biohazard Games now has discussion forums for Upwind and the forthcoming Blue Planet: Recontact. Head over, join up and share your experiences with either game, ask whatever questions you might have and let us know what you’d like to see in the new edition of Blue Planet.

Blue Planet at GenCon 2019

Surprise! Biohazard Games is going to be running demos of Blue Planet: Recontact (the new, 3rd edition of our award winning Blue Planet RPG) at GenCon 2019! Event registration only opened today but spaces are going fast. If you will be at the show and want to try out the new, evolved version of the game, jump aboard. We'd hate to leave you behind!

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We Need You! GMs at GenCon

The Indie Game Designer's Network (@IGDN_Official) is looking for volunteer GM's to run member games at GenCon 2019. It's a fun way to earn a 4-day ticket to the show and a great way to support some awesome games.

Upwind at OrcaCon!

Biohazard will be at OrcaCon in Bellevue, WA, Jan 11-13, and I will be running Upwind and playing in whatever cool games will have me. Would love to hang with you awesome folks and show around the hot-off-the-press books! I have been a little remiss in getting my GMing info in to the organizers, so my games may post late to the schedule, but trust that I will be there and psyched to play with you. We might even get a chance to talk about our soon-to-be-announced secret project!

Upwind Update

Check out the latest Upwind update! Short version: fulfillment has begun and the illuminated characters sheet stretch goal is incoming!


Upwind BackerKit Closing 11.30.18

A quick heads-up! The Upwind BackerKit will be closing on 11.30, so if you have additions you have been planning to make to your original pledge or you want to get in a preorder before this skyship finally sails, you've only got a few days left!

Also, check out this preview of the Grand Amplifier campaign book. It’s only the POD proof, but if it looks this good, the off-set books are going to be gorgeous!


Online Upwind at AetherCon!

I will be running two sessions of Upwind at AetherCon next weekend - Saturday (11.10) and Sunday (11.11) from 2p-7p EST. Aethercon is a all-online gaming convention run through the Roll20 app, so anyone, anywhere with Internet access, can get in on the adventure. Check out their site and register for Upwind. I’d love to show you the game.

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