Blue Planet - 1st edition

Archipelago  - A Guide to the Islands of Blue Planet
Welcome to the Pacifica Archipelago... You'd better be packing more than a suitcase, ‘cause this ain't no island vacation. Archipelago is the first Blue Planet supplement, and brings to life the islands of the Pacifica Archipelago. This book is awash in background, detailing the major people, places, and plots of Poseidon's most heavily colonized region. Players and game moderators alike will find Archipelago an invaluable guide to both the islands of the new frontier and the intrigues of the human colonization effort.

Access Denied


  • A moderator's screen with full color regional maps
  • Twenty-eight new Access Denied adventure hooks
  • A massive, crossreferenced Blue Planet reference
  • An expanded character generation guide
  • Major settlement reference data
  • A complete intersettlement distance chart
  • Easy access damage tables

BP Player’s Guide 

Whether you are a Newcomer or Native, this guide contains everything a Blue Planet™ player needs to survive on the new frontier:

  • A detailed future history of the Blue Planet™ setting
  • Introduction to Poseidon, the GEO, the Incorporate, and the natives
  • Information on the sociopolitical landscape of both Poseidon and the Solar System
  • The newcomer survival guide
  • Detailed descriptions of personal equipment and biotechnology
  • Complete game rules, entirely redesigned for Blue Planet™ Second Edition (BPv2)

BP Moderator’s Guide 

Whether you are new to the Blue Planet™ universe or a veteran moderator, this book contains information vital to running exciting and effective adventures on the new frontier:

  • Regional maps and descriptions detailing the topography and history of the most heavily colonized region on Poseidon—the Pacifica Archipelago
  • Key maps and detailed descriptions of more than twenty colonial, Incorporate and native settlements
  • Classified information on Incorporate, GEO and native activities on Poseidon
  • Dossiers on more than a dozen of the planet's most famous and infamous personalities
  • Biological survey data on the planet's wondrous but often deadly indigenous lifeforms
  • Revealing biological and cultural information on Poseidon's aborigines


Fluid Mechanics

More than just a guide to gear, Fluid Mechanics presents detailed information on the design and capabilities of computers, cybernetics, genetic modifications, robots and remotes, cetacean tech, weapons, vehicles, and much more. If you've been itching to get your hands on Hanover Autoworks' new Cormorant™ ground-effect plane, Hydrospan's Smartguide™ navigation software, or Atlas Materials HardTarget™ battledress, your wait is coming to an end.


First Colony

A century after it was founded by the Athena Project colonists, Haven remains the heart of the human colonization of Poseidon. This campaign sourcebook brings the colonial boomtown to life in vivid detail. Learn how to survive on the crime-ridden canals of the Floats, and make backroom deals with Russian syndicate gangsters in Gorkytown. Network with the rich and powerful in the Biogene Incorporate arcology, and unlock Poseidon's secrets in the research labs of the Haven Institute of Science and Technology. From the winding, shadowed streets of Old Town to breathtaking vistas of Watertop, Haven is a city of prosperity, opportunity, intrigue, and danger.


Frontier Justice

While the GEO does its best to keep the peace on Poseidon, the colony world is an often lawless frontier. The Gorchoff Family rules the Haven underworld, the New Rastafarian Movement is the only law on Kingston's canals, and throughout the major settlements of the archipelago, petty crooks and nickel-and-dime hustlers lurk in the shadows, feeding off the unlucky and unwary.

Natural Selection

More than 100 years after the first human colonists arrived on Poseidon, the waterworld is still an untamed frontier. Lesser whites and pseudoeels lurk beneath the waves, and niños muertos stalk the jungle, and colonists in the wilderness find themselves locked in a deadly and alien food chain. From the planet's savage ecology to the monstrous cyclonic storms that circle the globe, surviving in Poseidon's outback is a challenge for even the most veteran frontiersman.


Ancient Echoes

When Dr. Marcus Gottfried genlifted five bottlenose dolphins to human-level intelligence in 2042, he changed the world forever. For the first time, humans found themselves sharing their planet with another sentient species. Since that time, genlifted bottlenoses—and the other species that joined them—have become influential citizens of both Earth and Poseidon. From Hydrospan to the Athena Project, genlifted cetaceans have come into their own and play prominent roles in all aspects of modern society and civilization.