The Upwind Kickstarter launches in 6 days and as part of the countdown we wanted to tell you about the funding focus of the campaign - three products that will provide a complete game line and a limitless sky of adventure. These are not stretch goals but all core elements of the project.  

Upwind Core Book (of course)

Upwind will be a full color, 225+ page, beautifully illustrated, hardcover book. It will contain everything needed to adventure across the endless skies of the Kingdoms in the Light and deep into the Dark. At higher pledge levels the book will feature a collector’s edition embossed cover and signed dedications by the design team.

The Knight’s Deck Playing Cards

Upwind is played using standard poker cards rather than dice with an original bidding mechanic that uses the various features of those cards to direct the narrative. The Knight’s Deck is a custom-designed deck that enhances the Upwind setting. Beyond use in play, every card in the deck features an illustration of a specific settlement, location, or Master’s cache as well as descriptive text. An integrated coordinate system allows players to arrange the cards into an illuminated schematic of the Upwind setting that provide fun and useful insight into the uncanny geography of the game.

Prophecy of the Grand Amplifier Campaign and Setting Supplement

The Prophecy of the Grand Amplifier is a setting-spanning, Upwind sourcebook and campaign written by Upwind’s authors. The book is packed with new locations, NPCs, Relics, creatures and Master’s caches, and the adventure will draw players deep into the setting. The story takes a band of young Knights from novice recruitment, through their Academy training, challenges them with their graduation cruise, leads them on a ranging series of missions across the Realms and then sends them deep into the Dark in pursuit of an ancient legacy. The discoveries they make will upend everything they know about the history of the Children, the Masters of the Wind and the origin of the Kin themselves.