Biohazard is looking for additional playtesters for it's new Upwind rpg. As always with playtesting, more is better, so if you originally volunteered, or if want to get in on it now, we would really appreciate the help.

If you have already received the playtest files and have played some sessions (or even just read through the documents) we would love to hear from you through our playtester reports.

If you are newly interested in participating, or know someone who might be, send me an email and we can complete an NDA so I can share the playtest files with you. 

By way of an update, we are furiously playtesting Upwind in-house and refining the mechanics accordingly. There have been numerous small but meaningful tweaks to the Q rules set and we are working hard to get everything ready for a final edit. The next three months will be spent finishing the final draft and by August the book should be ready to go to press. We are considering a fall Kickstarter campaign (summer is statistically a bad time to launch) and would therefore hope the have books to backers by spring. 

If you have any questions or would like to be involved in playtesting, please email us.