GenCon was great for Biohazard! We ran lots of Upwind demos, and met with lots of cool folks. RPPR generously let Jeff sit on their "Game Designer's Workshop Live" panel and Upwind was featured in several great podcasts. We also hope to announce some big news in the next week or so, so please stay tuned to this space.

In the meantime, please check out "Third Wheel." These generous and hilarious guys put out a unique, animated form of rpg actual play on YouTube as well as the occasional one shot and interview. While at GenCon Faust, Matt and Jay participated in our  Upwind demo "Holding Down the Fort." They were super fun to play with and I had a great time running the game.

If you've been curious about how Upwind plays or what the game can provide take a listen. Note that we did our best to find a "quiet" corner in which to record but that at GenCon there really isn't such a thing. Accordingly, please forgive the inevitable background con noise.