Jeff Barber is the primary author of the "Midnight" core book and the "Crown of Shadow" campaign, writing both as a freelancer for Fantasy Flight Games. 

"As the Third Age came to an end, the fallen god Izrador triumphed over the free nations of Aryth. The corrupt lieutenants of the Shadow in the North, the Night Kings, rule with an iron fist over ruined cities and broken kingdoms. Twisted spirits hunt down the last true masters of magic. The dark god’s vile priesthood, the legates of the Order of Shadow, seek out elven spies, dwarven insurgents, and the few brave humans who stand defiant against the night in the Age of Shadow." - Fantasy Flight Games 

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"No one race or culture has the might to stand against Izrador and his foul legates. The dwarves are valiant, but caged in their mountains. The elves are skilled, but have neither the numbers nor the resources to fight off the orc hordes forever. Yet there are some few who would join their knowledge and skills, the better to fight the Shadow that has fallen over both peoples.

And those few are hunted.

Crown of Shadow is a desperate quest across Eredane, ranging from the depths of the Kaldrun Mountains, across the grim expanse of the occupied plains of Erenland, through the secretive underground of the Eren River, and finally into the heart of the Whispering Wood itself. The players, inexperienced rebels in the fight against Izrador and the Night Kings, become the unintended recipients of a valuable prize, and the unwilling charges of a deadly quest. The forces of the Shadow have uncovered a prize of their own, however, and have given it to one their most devious champions. The party must elude this tireless pursuer and reach sanctuary a continent away, lest they fall prey to the Crown of Shadow." - Fantasy Flight Games

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Killer Crosshairs

Killer Crosshairs was Biohazard Game's first product. A system-generic combat supplement that was as much a learning opportunity for our new company as anything else. It is currently out of print. 


Shadis KC Magazine Review


Grace Under Pressure

Jeff Barber designed and co-wrote "Grace Under Pressure" in his days with the early Pagan Publishing. It is currently out of print. 

"Welcome to the Bottom of the World

You are on the sea floor, 1500 feet below the surface. Around you there is only cold and dark - the sun's caressing rays bring nothing to this world. The pressure here is over six hundred pounds per square inch. This is a lethal place. There must be caution in every move you make, or the sea will claim your body and your soul. You and your companions are aboard the RSV Wallaby, a prototype research vessel of your own design. This is its maiden voyage; the attention of the world is upon you.

You are not alone.

And in the hours to come you will die. Unless you can master the fine art of Grace Under Pressure...

Unlike most Call of Cthulhu adventures, 'Grace Under Pressure' is not intended for campaign play. This book includes eight pre-generated characters for use with the game, as well as guidelines for your players to make up their own. Extensive notes on how to present the adventure theatrically are included, with emphasis on lighting, props, and sound effects. The adventure uses a unique dual-Keeper presentation, but can also be run by a single Keeper." - Pagan Publishing

© Pagan Publishing

© Pagan Publishing

Personal Campaigns

Warhammer Fantasy Role Play - The Brotherhood

Eclipse Phase - How Soon They Forget

Mutants and Masterminds - Vanguard for Victory

The esteemed James Stowe is currently running an "Emerald City" M&M campaign for our group. Not only is he an exceptionally skilled GM, but he is also the exceptionally skilled artist illustrating our new Upwind rpg. Check out his online comic "Sidekick Quests" for more of his creative genius.