INcursion Beta Playtest Files

(This is the open playtest for the Upwind: Incursion stretch goal that was part of the Upwind RPG campaign.) 

Upwind Quickstart Primer



Blank Character Sheet

Sample Characters (great for the Bait and Switch Primer Scenario)

Upwind Press Kit

Skyship Desktop

Explorer Knights Desktop

Child of the Dark Desktop

Arc Cannon Desktop

Upwind Promotional Flyer



Talking Tabletop Podcast - Interview

Role Playing Public Radio Podcast - "Before" Interview, "After" InterviewOut of Curiosity APThree Beasts AP

        RPPR Demo Actual Play - Bait and Switch

Redacted Files Podcast - Demo/Interview

Role Playing Exchange - Interview

3rd Wheel Podcast GenCon Demo Actual Play - Holding Down the Fort

3rd Wheel Podcast - Interview

3rd Wheel Livestream Actual Play - Cache Dash (in which Jeff got to play!)

Legends of Tabletop - Interview