We Need You! GMs at GenCon

The Indie Game Designer's Network (@IGDN_Official) is looking for volunteer GM's to run member games at GenCon 2019. It's a fun way to earn a 4-day ticket to the show and a great way to support some awesome games.



Upwind at OrcaCon!

Biohazard will be at OrcaCon in Bellevue, WA, Jan 11-13, and I will be running Upwind and playing in whatever cool games will have me. Would love to hang with you awesome folks and show around the hot-off-the-press books! I have been a little remiss in getting my GMing info in to the organizers, so my games may post late to the schedule, but trust that I will be there and psyched to play with you. We might even get a chance to talk about our soon-to-be-announced secret project!

Upwind Update

Check out the latest Upwind update! Short version: fulfillment has begun and the illuminated characters sheet stretch goal is incoming!


Upwind BackerKit Closing 11.30.18

A quick heads-up! The Upwind BackerKit will be closing on 11.30, so if you have additions you have been planning to make to your original pledge or you want to get in a preorder before this skyship finally sails, you've only got a few days left!

Also, check out this preview of the Grand Amplifier campaign book. It’s only the POD proof, but if it looks this good, the off-set books are going to be gorgeous!


Online Upwind at AetherCon!

I will be running two sessions of Upwind at AetherCon next weekend - Saturday (11.10) and Sunday (11.11) from 2p-7p EST. Aethercon is a all-online gaming convention run through the Roll20 app, so anyone, anywhere with Internet access, can get in on the adventure. Check out their site and register for Upwind. I’d love to show you the game.

Screen Shot 2018-11-04 at 3.26.31 PM.png

Upwind Update!

Check out the latest Upwind update - there's a silly little flip-through of the first Upwind proof! So excited!


We Have Books!

We have books!

Check out the latest Upwind Kickstarter update here!

The post also includes information about Biohazard Games at GenCon, so if you're going to the show, and Upwind's your jam, give it a read!


Character Creation Cast

Amelia and Ryan, the cool folks over at Character Creation Cast, did a series on Blue Planet, with me and BP's most loyal hype man Rich Howard as guests. If you are looking for insight into the BP.V2 mechanics and character options, check it out. The first two episodes are up, with the final installment dropping next week. 

AetherCon Summer Round Table Series

Join us Thursday for Biohazard Games' appearance on the AetherCon Summer Round Table Series livestream. We'll be talking about all things Upwind at 6p PST (7.5.18).

Just click here to join us. 


Ready to be a Hero?

I'm super excited to share the final PDF of the Grand Amplifier campaign! If you've been yearning to save Kin civilization and become the greatest Explorer Knight in history, this is your chance to get started. I am proud of Amplifier and believe it offers a uniquely grand and compelling adventure while doing as much to evoke the Upwind setting as the corebook itself. 

Per usual, I will shortly be sending out a link via Kickstarter's message system to all backers who qualify for the GA PDF. Watch for it, download, play and let us know what you think - I would love to hear how your game goes. I am proud of Amplifier and believe it offers a uniquely grand and compelling adventure while doing as much to evoke the Upwind setting as the corebook itself. 

Screen Shot 2018-06-27 at 9.57.39 AM.png

When a crew of inexperienced Explorer Knights is ordered to hunt down a notorious smuggler and recover what he has stolen, they become unwitting proxies in a mysterious conspiracy. As dangerous missions lead to strange discoveries and stranger allies, the characters face forbidding moral dilemmas and must make the ultimate sacrifice if they are to save Kin civilization. 

The Prophecy of the Grand Amplifier is a setting-spanning campaign that takes new characters from their time as novices at the Explorers’ Academy through the world-changing events of the Third Incursion. The epic-scale adventure challenges the young knights to become the Guild’s greatest heroes or condemns them to be its darkest villains — the choice is theirs to make.

The Grand Amplifier contains:

• More than 50 hours of adventure with detailed guidelines for running the campaign and rich, Q-System outcomes for every encounter.

• 20 Academy flashbacks with unique, character history-building outcomes.

• 18 voyaging encounters, suitable for dropping into any Upwind adventure.

• 105 stand-alone descriptions of new NPCs, organizations, locations, Masters’ caches, relics, ships, crews, creatures and dangerous foes.